NNAT (Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test) Preparation

Visuprep provides online NNAT2 and NNAT3 test prep software which helps prepare for the NNAT®-2 (second edition) and NNAT3® Level 1 and Level 2 tests published by Pearson Education (which are taken by first and second graders). Each grade 1 and grade 2 NNAT2 and NNAT3 prep test costs $20 for one year’s membership, and contains 48 questions. To help with test preparation and practice for grade 1 and grade 2 NNAT (Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test) tests, each prep test comes with explanations for (in addition to answers to) the test questions.

Visuprep NNAT2 Level B (Grade 1) Test 1 and NNAT3 Level C (Grade 2) Test 1 & Test 2 are available for purchase now.

Visuprep NNAT2 Level D (Grades 3 & 4) tests are not yet available for purchase. They will probably be available later this year. We have a demo of a Level D (Grades 3 & 4) test further down this page.

Click on the buttons below to see demos and images of the NNAT2 level B grade 1 test and the NNAT3 level C grade 2 prep tests.

Visuprep NNAT2 Level D (Grades 3 & 4) Demo

Note that you can expand (enlarge) the size of the text and images in the NNAT test prep demo software on a mobile or tablet by using pinch-to-zoom. Pinch-to-zoom is when you place your thumb and a finger close together on the screen and move them apart without lifting them from the screen. To reduce the size of the text and images in the NNAT prep test demo software, place your thumb and a finger a little distance apart on the screen and move them toward each other without lifting them from the screen.

Click on the links below to run the demo NNAT prep tests.
The untimed test has answers immediately after each question, the timed test has answers at the end of the test.

NNAT2 Prep Test Level D (Grades 3 & 4) Demo (Untimed)

NNAT2 Prep Test Level D (Grades 3 & 4) Demo (Timed)

A pdf file of the sample questions in the NNAT test prep demo, together with the answers, is available by clicking on the link below:

Visuprep NNAT2 Level D (Grades 3 & 4) Sample Questions PDF

What is the NNAT®?

The NNAT (Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test) is a cognitive ability test that is a nonverbal measure of general ability. The test was designed by Jack A. Naglieri, PhD, and is published by Pearson Education. The NNAT tests are often used to identify gifted and talented children for entrance into school accelerated and gifted and talented programs. The NNAT tests are nonverbal tests (requiring minimal use of language and instructions) which make use of abstract shapes and designs, and are therefore a good culturally neutral assessment of general ability.

There are three editions of the test

  • NNAT® (first edition)
  • NNAT®-2 (second edition)
  • NNAT®3 (third edition)

Differences between the NNAT®, NNAT®-2 and NNAT®3

All versions (or editions) of the NNAT are similar in the type of questions they test for i.e. they all test for the following four question types:

  • Pattern Completion
  • Reasoning by Analogy
  • Serial Reasoning
  • Spatial Visualization

The NNAT® (first edition) was the earliest NNAT test to be introduced and it contains 38 questions.

The later NNAT®-2 (second edition) and the more recent NNAT®3 (third edition) tests both contain 48 questions and should both be completed in 30 minutes.

The NNAT®-2 and NNAT®3 are quite similar, and NNAT2 test prep material can be used to help prepare for NNAT3 tests.

Pearson’s NNAT3 Manual for Levels A-D states

Although NNAT3 consists of an entirely new set of items, the item types
are the same as on NNAT2, and each level of the NNAT3 and NNAT2 forms have
a similar representation of types. Therefore, NNAT3 and NNAT2 are expected
to measure the same construct and to correlate highly with each other.

The items referred to are the questions and the item types are the four question types.

There is a difference between NNAT2 and NNAT3 tests in terms of the colors used to create items (or questions).
Both tests use the four colors black, white, yellow and blue, but for the fifth color, NNAT2 uses another shade of blue whereas NNAT3 uses green.

Visuprep NNAT2 tests use another shade of blue rather than green for the fifth color. However, most questions do not make use of a fifth color (i.e. two shades of blue), so the difference, in terms of color, with NNAT3 tests is minimal.

NNAT Test Question Types and Levels

There are four types of question that can appear in NNAT tests:

  • Pattern Completion
  • Reasoning by Analogy
  • Serial Reasoning
  • Spatial Visualization

Information on these question types is shown below:

Pattern Completion problems call for students to recognize the option which will complete the given pattern.

Reasoning by analogy questions contain geometric shapes which have a logical relationship between them. Students need to recognize how the objects change (e.g. in size or color etc) when one moves across rows and/or down columns.

Serial Reasoning questions contain a series of shapes that change in a sequence across rows and down columns. The student needs to identify the next shape in the sequence.

Spatial visualization questions require the student to recognize how two or more designs would look if combined.

There are seven levels of NNAT test, depending on a student’s grade level. The seven levels and their associated grades are shown below:

  • Level A (Kindergarten)
  • Level B (Grade 1)
  • Level C (Grade 2)
  • Level D (Grades 3 & 4)
  • Level E (Grades 5 & 6)
  • Level F (Grades 7, 8 & 9)
  • Level G (Grades 10, 11 & 12)

The questions that appear in our NNAT test prep demo software are shown below.

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